Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Torpedo Factory Art Center partners with the NCRC to kick off national "Keys From the Crisis" campaign

The Torpedo Factory Art Center, The Art League, and Multiple Exposures Gallery are partnering with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) to kick off their national campaign “Keys From the Crisis.” Through a variety of art related activities, the art center will help the NCRC tell the story of the foreclosure crisis to the public in a very visual way. The barrage of statistics, audible and written information about the foreclosure crisis have made it difficult for the average American to digest what is truly happening to families and neighborhoods. This exhibit humanizes an abstraction, presenting a visual explanation for what has become a national crisis. This powerful approach expresses the reality that so many Americans are facing today.

Please donate your spare keys

The NCRC will be collecting keys and the stories of affected families throughout their campaign, and we will assist them throughout the month of September in collecting as many keys as possible. These keys are physical symbols that represent every family that has lost a home to foreclosure due to unfair lending practices.

Calendar of Events:

August 21- September 26: Systems Failure exhibition in the Target Gallery

September 1- September 30:
David H. Wells’ photo-essay, “Foreclosed Dreams,” that explores the empty homes littering the American landscape in the wake of the housing crisis on exhibit in the Site 3 Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, and a large scale projection at The Art League Gallery/National Harbor Location
• “House of String”: Large Scale installation located on the main floor of the Torpedo Factory, created by Torpedo Factory Artists serving on the Target Gallery Committee

September 9, 6-9pm : Second Thursday Art Night
• Target Gallery’s Systems Failure “Meet the Artists" Reception – 6-8pm
• National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), Special Presentation at 7pm by John Taylor, President and CEO of the NCRC
• David H. Wells, artist talk, in the Multiple Exposures Gallery at 8pm

September 11, 12-4: Art Activated
• 1:30pm -Target Gallery hosts SPARK: art from writing, writing from art – a spoken word event, along with a hands-on writing activity for the public. Focus is on the Systems Failure exhibit and the Keys from the Crisis campaign

September 23, 7pm: Target Gallery hosts a Curator Discussion with juror Sarah Tanguy for Systems Failure Exhibition. Sarah Tanguy is an independent curator, arts writer, and critic, as well as a curator for the Art in Embassies Program, based in Washington, DC.

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