Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great review of last Thursday's Dance and Kayak event


Excerpt: Karen Reedy has a sophisticated way of building relationships through choreography and developing these images over time and space. Nothing feels forced or imposed or gimmicky, yet the images are stunning and the dancers are exquisitely trained. She excels at savoring the human qualities of a dancer while revealing their artistry, and this is both rare and beautiful.

She is an artist who honors craft and communication. I think the image of a finely-tuned instrument best captures this sense of grace: not too loose, not too tight.

It was an ideal evening: a sliver of time that was dry in between the rains offering a moment for us to enjoy an impeccable collaboration. I have never seen a kayaker/artist, choreographer, dancers and musician come together to create such a harmonious and exquisite interlude.