Friday, January 8, 2010

Remembering Nancy Reinke

Please feel free to make comments to this blog about things you remember most about Nancy Reinke. She will be greatly missed!

This is an excerpt that her studio mate Kim Jones had to say about Nancy and I felt it needed to be shared here:

Nancy was very wise. She told Lane Palmisano when she was a new artist here, “usually anything worth doing is difficult and takes time.” And Lane listens to that advice all the time to this day. She also called her “walking Zen”

Her subject matter in her prints and paintings was vast; thoughtful portraits of women, unique character paintings of animals and often she showed her great sense of humor. A good example of her whimsy is her print “Lap Cat.” An image of a giant cat with a child in its lap made many people laugh out loud year after year. Another piece that garnered many laughs was a typeset print of an 18th century warning to those who steal library books.

Nancy was a strong advocate for animal rights owning over 50 cats in her lifetime. She was a member of many animal welfare groups such as Jane Goodall Institute, ASPCA, Washington Animal Rescue league and numerous other organizations. Her passion for animals was also very apparent in her ability to capture animals and their inner personalities in both her etching and paintings.

People from all over the world have said that they specifically come to Studio 5 to be within the space that was completely Nancy Reinke. With Chinese Tea Boxes, a faux piano and fireplace, bird cage and vintage printing signs, her entire aesthetic, from the warm studio to her tremendous body of work, made every visitor feel welcomed, at home and enlightened.

Memorial Reception to Celebrate Nancy Reinke will be held at the Target Gallery on Sunday, January 17, 2-4pm.