Friday, April 9, 2010

TFAC Newly Juried Artists Exhibition

Dates: April 10-18, 2010.
Reception: Sunday, April 18th, 2-4pm

We are pleased to announce the 2010 Newly Juried Artists!

2D Results:
Vincent Colvin
Mary Morrison
Nancy Pane Fortwengler
Donna T Jones
Jo Ann Tooley
Matthew Tito Cuenca
Blake Stenning
Pete McCutchen
Ellen Delaney
Laurie Sand

3D Results:
Melissa Hackmann
Paulette Warwick
Matthew Farnsworth
Anna Yakubovskaya
Kelly O'Brien

2010 Jurors’ Statement

There were a record number of applicants for Torpedo Factory’s 2010 annual jury. There were a total of 76 entries, 55 2D entries and 21 3D entries. 10 2D artists were selected and 5 3D artists were selected.

The jurors said they were impressed with the level of technical competence of many of the applicants. This allowed them to look for artists who were creating on a higher level than just technical competence, artists who were creating their own vision not just focusing on the commercial viability of their work. They said that the challenge is to balance craftsmanship with an original and unique voice, which is consistent but not predictable. One juror defined ‘stronger’ work as those entries which the juror returned to over and over again as they sorted through the entries, works that demonstrated the highest level of technical skill and mastery of materials, works that conveyed passion and intelligence, works with a sense of authenticity or uniqueness.

The jurors made some suggestions for applicants. When asked what should characterize the 6 works of art that are brought in, they said that they should be consistent with each other, provide variations of a theme, provide depth in a series so that the art works inform each other, to present in effect a mini-show. They said that applicants should choose the 20 images on their accompanying CD carefully to be part of their overall presentation. Where the 6 works of art provide depth, the 20 additional images should provide breadth, although additional depth is always welcome. They said that if the presented works were strong, the additional images weren’t that important. But, when the jurors were on the fence about an applicant, the 20 additional images often tipped the balance one way or the other. They often did read the artist statements, but that the works themselves should be able to convey their power and meaning visually.

The jurors said they enjoyed the jury process, and thanked both the Torpedo Factory and the applicants for the opportunity.

Two-dimensional jurors were:
Steven Cushner, Painter and Professor at the Corcoran School of Art
Bill Harris, Printmaker and Teacher at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Gretchen Schermerhorn, Printmaker and Director of Artistic Collaboration at Pyramid Atlantic

Three-dimensional jurors were:
Karen Hampton, Fiber artist and Professor at Howard University
Kevin Hluch, Ceramic artist and Professor at Montgomery College
Foon Sham, Sculptor and Professor at the University of Maryland