Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Special Kayak and Dance Performance July 29th @ 6pm

WHO: Alison Sigethy, artist and professional kayaker and Karen Reedy Dance

WHAT: A kayak and dance performance inspired by the "Art in Balance" Exhibition

WHEN: July 29th at 6pm

WHERE: on the Waterfront side of the Torpedo Factory; performance begins with Alison Sigethy in her kayak on the Potomac and then the dancers lead the audience into the Torpedo Factory ending in the Target Gallery

Description: On July 29th a special performance by modern dance group, Karen Reedy Dance (KRD), and artist, Alison Sigethy will begin at 6pm at the Torpedo Factory. Alison Sigethy, sculptor and professional kayaker, will begin the performance with a solo kayak performance on the Potomac River right outside of the Torpedo Factory with musical accompaniment by musician/percussionist Jeff Franca.

The artistic "play" will be passed to the dancers outside in the spirit of improvisation. Eventually, the audience will be invited to follow the music and dancers into the Torpedo Factory. The journey will continue inside with performers of KRD to include a dance inspired by water called "Undertow," danced by New York artists J. Alexis Thury and Rachael Venner. Other dance works will travel through the space towards the Target Gallery, where Karen Reedy finds choreographic inspiration for the evening in the exhibition Art in Balance: Rhythm and Repetition by Marsha Staiger and Alison Sigethy. Other performers will include Karen Reedy and Constance Dinapoli.

Alison Sigethy, professional kayaker:
After 20 years in marketing and print production, Alison left the corporate world to pursue her love of paddling and art. She stays busy making kayaks and other environment-inspired sculptures in her glass studio and paddles whenever she can. Alison competed in the 2006 Greenland National Kayak Championships, was the first international woman to compete in all nine events, and medaled in eight of them. She set records for her class in Rope Gymnastics and Distance Harpoon.

Karen Reedy Dance:
Karen Reedy Dance is a professional modern dance company committed to strengthening the presence and integrity of dance in the Washington DC metropolitan area, particularly in Alexandria, VA, and beyond. KRD is devoted to nurturing artists through the exploration of new work and collaboration with other art forms, in both traditional live performance and site-specific venues, as well as looking towards future possibilities for the evolution of performance. In the community, KRD provides opportunities for education, awareness, and appreciation of contemporary dance through live performance and educational programming. Believing that dance should not be an exclusive art form, KRD pursues opportunities to reach all members of the community.

Marsha Staiger and Alison Sigethy:
These two artists present Art in Balance: Rhythm and Repetition, an exhibit that investigates the paradox of balance, the nature of rhythm, and the beauty and order created by repetition. Staiger's and Sigethy's works are very different but have in common a clean, contemporary aesthetic. The works play well off each other and reveal a fresh aspect of each artist's work that would be missed without the counterpoint provided by the other. Staiger's vibrant color palette is calmed and soothed by Sigethy's soft monochrome tones. Sigethy's tranquil round forms are energized by Staiger's horizontal bands that pulse and vibrate with energy. The result is a dynamic interplay that sings in perfect harmony. The exhibit runs through August 15. Visit our website to view the artwork at