Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Give the gift of Art!

5x5x5 purchasers can take the artworks with them at time of purchase - makes for the perfect holiday gifts - like this one, "Blue Chandelier" by Ann Dinwiddie Madden for only $75.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5x5(x5) Is Back - December 8th - 30th

Back by popular demand, Target Gallery presents our small works exhibition 5x5x(5). This show examines work on a very intimate scale with all of the work measuring at five inches or less. The show will consist of all media, from painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewelry, fiber and more. With close to 112 art works created by 68 artists from around the country, there is definitely something for everyone.

Please join us for a special reception on
Thursday, December 13th, 6-8pm
Our juror Stefanie Fedor will give a gallery talk at 7pm.

Selected Artists: Susanna Speirs Ali (CA), Fabiano Amin (DC), Robin Arnold (NY), Roger Bisbing (NY), Adam Bradley (VA), Therese Brown (CA), Susan Callahan (MD), Susan Cohen (VA), Danny Conant (MD), Theresa Devine (AZ), Jackson Echols (TX), Kirbi Eckerty (IL), Barbara Januszkiewicz (VA), Susan Field (CA), Dave Fischer (MI), Jeanne Garant (VA), Annette Giaco (SC), Jeanne Goodman (VA), Amy Gross (FL), Joni Gruber (AL), Max Heller (NC), Gail Higginbotham (MD), Harrison Higgs (WA), Jamie M. Jamison (OH), Leslie Johnston (DC), Michael Kalish (LA), Hugh Jones (VA), Jordanna Kalman (NY), Sally Kauffman (DC), Joo Kim (FL), Erika Kissinger (VA), Richard Lapham (NY), Nancy E. Lohmiller (WI), Ann Dinwiddie Madden (MS), Chalda Maloff (TX), James Mai (IL), Diana Manchak (MD), Anne Marchand (DC), Sue Marrazzo (PA), Ceci Cole Mcinturff (DC), Elizabeth Meggs (NY), Karen Mullarkey (VA), Larissa Norman (UT), Charles Norton (MD), Amy Ordoveza (VA), Elizabeth Palovick (PA), Domingo Parada (IL), Kate Patsch (VA), Dan Perkins (DC), Jane Pettit (MD), Casey Scharling (NC), Richard Sele (VA), Donna Sinclair (VA), John O. Smith (WI), Janos Somogyi (VA), Denise Stewart-Sanabria (TN), B. Avery Syrig (NY), Laura Tabakman (PA), Carol Talkov (VA), Hester Thomas (NY), Guillermo Ubilla (VA), Paul Valadez (TX), Susan  Walen (MD), Jane Walker (UK), Patricia Sarrafian Ward (MA), Karen Watson (VA), Steve Whitfield (OK), Melissa Woodburn (CA)